Theme Nights

Bands and DJs to make The evening a special one

Organising any event is exciting, but it’s often a stressful process. Setting a theme and sticking to it makes it a really special event, but as the organiser you’ve got to get it right and if you’ve never done this sort of thing before it can be the time for a lot of stress and hassle at a time when you should be enjoying yourself. Very often the event can stand or fall on the quality of the entertainment and The McLeod Agency is here to help.

Helping you get it right on the night

Theme nights usually involved a main act or band that provides the main entertainement. We’ve got a huge array to choose from, so you can opt for any theme you like. From a 1970’s night, a 1950’s night, or a Carribean Beach complete with Steel Band. We’ve also a parade of “stars” such as Elvis, Frank Sinatra and The Beatles. Whatever theme you’re going for we we can provide the entertainment, and some complimentary entertainers to support the main act. A professional DJs who plays the right sort of music, and meet-and-greet acts such as lookalikes who’ll give the start of the evening a real boost. So avoid the stress of trying to go-it-alone, or the disaster of the band failing to turn-up or the DJ playing the wrong sort of music and book with The McLeod Agency for complete peace of mind.

Stay calm, nothing can possibly go wrong …

But sometimes (very rarely) things will go wrong – usually at the last minute, but we pride ourselves in dealing with problems so that you don’t have to, and your party guests won’t even notice. If the lead singer gets the flu or the DJ finds his house is flooded, we’ll pull out all the stops to get you a replacement act of equal standard, and let you concentrate on enjoying the day.

For the most professional service around, get in touch with The McLeod Agency today.

Theme Night Artists