Solos & Duos : Steve Adams

Steve Adams is without doubt one of the busiest singers in the country. Steve makes well over 200 appearances in the pubs, clubs, holiday parks & theatre's throughout the UK per year. Now racking up fourteen years in the music business, it has been down to gaining experience and finding the right direction to suit Steve as a performer.

Steve has now been a solo singer for eleven years, previously working in duos and performing with friends. With what in all honesty were never really serious attempts to achieve any satisfaction. Steve now takes ideas from his influences and brings them together to give people what is hopefully a good night out. Not wanting to educate people with songs they don't really know or want to hear. Steve just performs a wide range from soul and classic rock to the indie and pop sounds of the 80's & 90's, with modern day rock and pop always getting added to what is already a packed setlist. 'If people wake up the next morning after one of my shows knowing that they have had a good night out, then i've done my job!'