Bands : Ordinary Men

The Band

It is now almost 19 years ago since Ordinary Men first rocked forth onto the music scene. It’s first gig (a private party) in the front room of a very large house, where our name also came into being. Whilst listening to the Pink Floyd track 'Us and Them' those immortal words where sung ..... "we're only ordinary men", it just felt right at the time that name encapsulated what we were about, a bunch of ordinary men with an extraordinary passion for playing live music, and keeping it live.

The line up of the band has changed over the years and the current line up is now 5 years old, and going stronger than ever. As individual musicians we each have our own diverse and eclectic tastes in music, but our ethos and passion has always been to make sure we play the kind of classic rock and pop songs that the audience want to hear, although occasionally we have to admit, one or two songs creep into the set (especially at pub gig) that perhaps selfishly, for our own enjoyment, we really love and want to play, but then that’s that passion again.

We are also proud to say that we are one of the top wedding party bands in Yorkshire, but we are to be found playing many weddings and corporate parties throughout the length and breadth of the UK.