Childrens Entertainers : Groovy Gazza

Groovy Gazza has been a professional childrens entertainer for 11 yrs and balloon modelling/decorating for 8 yrs. During that time he has worked for Sheffield, Rotherham, and Doncaster council at Fetes and summer shows.

Companies and stores he has worked for include Mothercare, Debenhams, Toyota, Virgin Active and recently he created a 7’ model of Pudsey Bear for BBC Radio Sheffield and Children in Need.

One of his most notable requests was for the Legendary Danny La Rue with whom he was working with on a tour around the country. Gazza designed a crown for the star when he received news of his OBE during the tour. The other celebrity to make use of his talents was Jimmy Cricket, who wore a green top hat made out of balloons during one of his spots on stage.

Gazza can work as either a meet and greet artiste at shopping centres and fairs, if required, wearing his model of a Formula 1 racing car, as seen in the picture. Or he can work as an entertainer at parties making balloon models for the children and also performing a short comedy spot with audience participation.