Childrens Entertainers : Boxo The Clown

The suitcase circus show can be tailored to suit all ages from 2 years, to 122 years, and includes silly magic with lots of funny business and audience participation, balloon modeling, plate spinning and ventriloquism. These shows are lively and colourful, and can run from 20 minutes to 90 minutes to suit your needs.

Can be adapted for performance outdoor events like galas, fetes and fun days.

You'll be amazed by the huger than huge repertoire of animals, hats and shapes that Boxo can twist from balloons. This attraction is loved by children, as they are the ones who receive the finished models, but adults find the activity fascinating and love to have the balloons too!.

This is ideal for promotional or fun events, as it can be performed anywhere from one of Boxo's attractive tables, or whilst mingling with the crowds. For promotions of a particular product, special models or sculptures can be created to enhance the occasion.

Can also be performed on stilts for added visual impact at your event, excellent for store openings

Boxo has a few puppet friends who are all firm favourites with children of all ages. His little boy is called KELVIN CLOWN (as seen on TV), he is four years old and has just started school. This means he is very cheeky, and always has the children in his corner when playing tricks on Boxo ! Julian is a gin-gan-gooley bird and isn't as stupid as he looks. (Lucky Julian, as he looks really stupid !) He can talk, sing, do magic tricks and even lay eggs ! The quietest of Boxo's friends is CHARLIE the chimp, and he's a very shy (but cheeky) baby chimp. He loves bananas, telling jokes and kissing girls. gramps is Boxo's grandad, he's 180 years old, a bit deaf too!

KELVIN CLOWN, JULIAN, and CHARLIE and GRAMPS, each make occasional appearances in Boxo's shows, or together, they are the stars of a puppet show, joined by a drawing that can sing !

Boxo can provide family entertainment with the juggling skills he has using balls, bean-bags, rings, clubs and even fire, not to mention his favorite...plate spinning.