Comedy & Speakers : Dusty Young (Comedian)

Dusty Young was born at home because he wanted to be near his mother.

He lives in a small village just outside Dublin, the village was so small they only had 3 policemen but they have now double that to 5. The village was so tiny they had to shoot a man to start a cemetery and the local hooker was a virgin.

He comes from a very large family and we don’t know if his father was a good Catholic or his mother was a very sloppy Protestant.  His father was a doctor and he discovered a cure and there’s no disease for it and he died of the cure.

His brother is the All-Ireland Indoor Hand-Gliding Champion and has won 2 gold medals in this event. He’s so proud of the gold medals he has had them chromium plated.  He has just invented a new kind of parachute and it opens on impact.

Dusty was himself once a finalist in the All-Ireland egg and spoon race but got disqualified for cheating - he glued the spoon to his hand. 
He is currently trying to get a worldwide patent for his latest invention which is an inflatable dartboard.

Irish humour is undoubtedly the most popular humour in the world and is enjoyed by everyone, including the Irish themselves.  Don’t take life too seriously because we won’t get out of it alive anyway.

Dusty is a very fine After Dinner entertainer and suitable for all functions including Masonics, Rotary, Lions and mixed company. He has worked at Wembley Stadium for the FA Cup Final, the League Cup Final, the Rugby League World Cup Final.  He is a regular entertainer at Old Trafford for Manchester United home games and has worked at every top sporting function in Britain.

Dusty has also worked for all major companies including CBI, FTA, Institute of Chartered Surveyors, Insurance Institute and many more.  He also travels the world entertaining on cruise liners for the major cruising companies.