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Tricks of the Imagination, Mind Reading and more is an entertainment experience presented by David Gibson using the art of mentalism.

David baffles and amazes audiences with a combination of anticipation, body language reading, mathematics and memory techniques for which no-one has any explanation, save to say that it works like a kind of sixth sense.

David guides his audience with warmth and affection - and a good dose of wit and humour, on a journey through the mysteries of the mind. His approach is inclusive with lots of audience interaction and fun.

David's heightened powers of observation and anticipation are so finely honed that you will believe that he can read minds as he reveals chosen lottery numbers, the name of a long-forgotten school friend or even a long-gone pet.

David makes sure everyone feels at ease as they willingly partake in demonstrations of thought reading and sightless vision and under the right conditions audience members believe they can read the thoughts of others!

The show contains NO hypnosis. If it all sounds a little spooky or supernatural, have no fear - David denies any psychic powers ".....my work here tonight is straightforward. Yes I can tune into your minds, but only with your help and only if you concentrate. I am not psychic. I have no supernatural powers. I depend only on your concentration."

The show is suitable for cabaret, cruise ship and after-dinner audiences of all ages, and is adaptable for any size of audience. It works in close-up too.

As an experienced performer with broadcast and presentation skills, David is able to tailor "Tricks of the Imagination, Mind Reading and More" to suit all sizes of audience worldwide. Running time is flexible from 30, 45 or 60 minutes.

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